Sponsors, Giveaways and Reviews

If you're looking for a way to promote your blog, shop or art work you've come to the right place! Blue Eyed Night Owl has sponsorships available to do just that. And in return I'll be able do more giveaways and buy more ads on other blogs to generate more views again. Sounds good, right?

New posts are written daily, so every day is a new opportunity to bring my readers to your website via the ad-spaces.

My readers are interested in art, photography, books, music, movies, food, owls and just overall pretty items, clothes and accesories. Handmade items are also really popular. So if you have a blog, business or Etsy in any or more of those categories a sponsorship on my blog could help you get the right readers and/or customers. 

There are 3 sizes for you to choose from:

$20 a month

There will be only one large ad available each month and it'll get the best spot on the blog. Includes:

- A 250x180 ad above all the other smaller ads.
- A guest post, tutorial or interview.

Still available for next month!

$8 a month / $20 for 3 months     Includes:

- A 250x120 ad somewhere under the 150x150 ad. All regular ads are rotated automatically for fair and maximum exposure.

$5 a month / $12 for 3 months     Includes:

-A rotating 250x60 banner below the regular sized ads.

Transactions will be done through Paypal.

Email Me if you made have your choice or have any questions.

Don't know how to make a banner? I can make one for you at no extra cost.

Other options for (non-)sponsors:
If you're looking for a way to bring your products directly to my readers you might want to do a review and/or a giveaway. And you're welcome to do so even without a sponsorship.

A review:
I would gladly review a product from your shop. You can expect a post with my honest review including some pictures of the product and a little highlight of the rest of your products as well.

See some examples here, here and here.

A giveaway:
If there's something you'd like to give to one or more lucky readers I will create a giveaway post. During the duration of the giveaway I will post reminders of the giveaway and do some social media promoting as well.

Email Me and, if I feel you're a match for my blog and readers, we can start our collaboration!


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